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        Joint Filtering Filter Technology Research Institute is a joint cleaning fluid filtration and separation technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is committed to filter product development and environmental protection technology research and development of engineering and technology center.
        Joint filter filtration technology research institute mainly engaged in filter, filter, filter, filtration system research and development; and engaged in environmental protection services products and technology research and development. Joint filter filtration technology research institute and the well-known domestic institutions, the use of high-end laboratories and testing center research and development of high-end and special application filter and filter; and foreign well-known enterprises to carry out special separation technology research and development and application; and domestic well-known enterprises Cooperation, to carry out intelligent manufacturing process equipment research and development and application.
        Joint filter company relies on China Film Industry Association, China Industrial Filter Association (chips) and Wuhan Textile University, gathered more than 30 environmental protection filter industry experts and scholars, including 10 doctors, 10 master's degree, 15 bachelor.